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Worry Gives a Small Thing a Big Shadow - Swedish Proverb

I have to admit that all the climate change discussions and the natural disastrous events we are going through at the moment can be quite overwhelming. If it’s not horrifying bushfires with over hundreds of thousands of kilometres destroying bushland, wildlife, homes and people then, it’s flooding …

As shallow as it may seem, I have taken refuge in the last fortnight by hiding myself away in the alluring tactical games taking place on tennis courts in the Australian Open. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but one’s sense of patriotism does bubble up to the fore in these epic battles that are another form of courage and perseverance.

Worrying about things big or small can overshadow our lives and it is essential to enjoy a mental health break – literally. We may not all have the luxury of a full day for a mental health break* but even just those short sessions to enjoy the smell of a flower or creating an engaging space that has Feng Shui overtones in your own back yard—and yes, my Jacaranda tree looks amazing in the early evening—can be your ‘go to’. So, now that we are well and truly into 2020 and the month of love (February!) is here, ensure you remember to practice those gratitude and self-peace moments.

*Very Well Mind (2020), When You Should Take a Mental Health Day, Retrieved from:

Marisa Parker - Author


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