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Refresh and Renew

You won’t often see a photo of me in painting clothes but sometimes, a refresh and renew, is essential! Of course, the phrase, refresh and renew, can be associated with many other applications, and normally, it is with the intent of an improvement.

I’m delighted to say that my painting of the cream panels that had been hail damaged during the Christmas break was definitely an improvement … although my husband did point out a few ‘drippy’ bits where I had been overzealous in the application!

Refresh and renew is probably a good phrase to use with the recent Easter celebrations. Whether you are a believer in the resurrection (of Christ and therefore, humans, after we die) it’s a special long weekend with mandatory time off so that we can refresh and renew. Everyone is so busy at the moment, right? Some days, I look at the clock and am taken aback: Where did those two hours go?

People say that ‘a coat of paint hides a multitude of sins’. If you want to go deeper, changing things up, or spending a little time to look at things from a new angle, or something as simple as a new haircut can give you that little jumpstart that jogs you out of the rut that has suddenly opened up unexpectedly.

I firmly believe that ‘refresh and renew’ is an essential ‘tool’ to have in our repertoire these days. Sometimes, we think we can just push through and the tiredness/frustration/anger/(insert emotion) will pass, and sometimes, it does … only to return tenfold the next time.

We only have one body, one mind and yet, sometimes, we treat it with the same (dis)respect that we do this (one) planet. So, next time you feel yourself pushing, pushing, pushing, and that the end seems far away, it’s likely that you need to refresh and renew! Take some time out; be kinder to yourself. Each one of us is unique; we are all ‘worth it’.

Refresh and Renew
Refresh and Renew


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