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Maria (Mariolina) Martore (Piergiovanni) reads from Eugenio Piergiovanni’s POW diaries in Italian

LENGTH; 2.36 mins

Elena Flaschner (Piergiovanni), daughter of Maria, translates the same section from Eugenio Piergiovanni’s POW diary

LENGTH; 2.13 mins

Dirce Piergiovanni, daughter of Maria, references the painting of El Sid that was in the apartment of Dirce Piergiovanni (Eugenio’s mother) during WWII

LENGTH; 1.20 mins

Marisa Parker (Piergiovanni), author and daughter of Maria, shows the ring given to Italian women by Mussolini’s government during WWII – Oro alla Patria 18-11-35-XIV.

LENGTH; 0.44 mins

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