Chapter One - A Ship Voyage

Chapter Two - A New Beginning

“Ciao! WE'RE IN AFRICA” is based on true events. Through the writing skills of her author daughter, Maria-Iucci’s story is narrated as a memory, as if living in the moment. Coinciding historical event timelines have been carefully researched and evocative photographs included. 

"GOODBYE To Italia" – a timid Italian girl; a young soldier; a love story. This is a non-fiction romantic story of Italian drama, courage, and humour. So as to stay true to the retelling of the lives of Mariolina Martore and Eugenio Piergiovanni, the author’s parents, and to capture the essence of living through those times, the chapters in the first half of the book interchange between the two diverse characters, as they come of age. An age difference of thirteen years separates them and they undergo very diverse experiences during WWII, in Italy and Africa.

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