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Working From Home #WFH

IMy husband and I both started Working From Home #WFH in the last month. So, that is, being in the same room during work hours. As you can see from the photo—two screens back to back and the Scottish and Italian flags delineating boundaries—we really are close enough to pitch paper aeroplanes at each other. Then, when it’s clocking off time, we're still together, bumping up against each other ... dinner, watching TV … you get the picture!

And yet, for us, this Working From Home, is working well; and for the most part, we still like and yes, even continue to love each other! I wonder how many couples in this 'new' world order can admit to that?

In fact, I'd be delighted to receive photos from you about your Working From Home #WFH environments. If you do send them to me, I'll post them on my author Facebook page for everyone to enjoy! Let's face it, if we're healthy, have a roof over our heads and, still have a job, even if it is #WFH then, we need to celebrate our good fortune.

Despite being positive, it can take a special kind of discipline to be diligent and true to a conscientious work ethic when the boss isn't around. So good on you (and me) for staying strong! A downside though is the easy access to biscuits and coffee and other munchable delights which requires another kind of strength ... Restraint!

So, in these challenging times, I'll leave you with a quote that I came across. I feel it is worth sharing especially if you just cannot get into this Working From Home stuff:

“The beginning is the most important part of work”—Plato.

Thanks for reading



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