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Woohoo! A Radio Interview

Once your book is out and on that book shelf (whether printed or digital), it still needs your care and attention. Probably even more so, as the author is the one who most believes in the story and who hopes to convert interest into a purchase. Newspapers and radio are important promotional mediums. Getting an interview however, is difficult to nail down. I’ve been able to lock in a few (without paying).

ABC Interview with Loretta Ryan

You’ll likely know what I’m going to say next: it’s about pitching the story, the “so what” factor. It wasn’t enough that my first book had recently won an International award a few weeks before and that the sequel had just been published, although that helped. The clincher was making it relevant to a public event (in the near future) and, in which I was involved.

The email I sent to the radio station was brief, to the point and made the connection for the email recipient. The email title didn’t say, “please read” or “you won’t want to miss this one”! Instead, it provided that “hook” aka, the pitch, in less than ten words e.g. Award-winning author exhibiting at Italian Festival next weekend. The fact that I was only a small part of the bigger exhibition was neither here nor there. It got the attention I needed ... and the radio interview! Oh, and one last thing to add. Unfortunately, radio interviews don’t hang around online. Within a month or less they are wiped, so don’t forget to download and save, so you can add to your website page!

Marisa Parker - Author


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