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Why Should You Chat with Other Writers?

I read an article* by Lauren Sapala about whether most writers are introverts. Without going into too much detail, Lauren suggested that in fact, authors are highly sensitive and can probably trace back to childhood feelings of being on the outside looking in. At that time, barriers were erected to hide behind and in fact, those scars are still present.

It’s an interesting theory and I must acknowledge that I didn’t fit in at school. Furthermore, reading and writing is most definitely an escapism for me. Sadly, as with anything of which we do too much, we can back ourselves into a corner and shy away from society. However, writing a book is like baring our souls (slightly dramatic but true) and then through the publication and marketing process, we stand like targets waiting to be bombarded by all kinds of comments … perhaps we are taking ourselves back to the schoolyard?

Gold Coast Writers' Association

There’s no getting away from it though if publishing your book is a goal. But you can start preparing. Chat with other writers or even better, find a writing community. They are going through those same feelings of nervousness and excitement. Perhaps consider that before publication, as a sandbox for playing, in which you can test things out and build your confidence. Learn from others’ mistakes or find out about the challenges ahead so you can plan and prepare. I joined the Gold Coast Writers Association (GCWA) in 2017 and I have learnt so much. The photo is with Ocean Reeve and Jenny Old at a GCWA meeting; they are two great authors and now, good friends!


Marisa Parker - Author


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