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Who is Visiting My Website?

I find it fascinating to review the monthly website statistics or traffic report for the Marisa Parker Author website. The website uses the Wix platform as it has useful reporting metrics. I know that this data should inform a more strategic marketing strategy yet at present, I’m just thrilled that my family’s story is being accessed globally - refer the January 2019 geographical map of website visitors.

The next lot of analytics that I look at on the monthly Wix report provides information about what or from where people or searches have been referred. In January 2019, there were almost one hundred visits to my website. The greatest percentage (39%) was by direct access i.e. people typing in the website address and accessing it. Of these statistics, some of those would be me (!), as likely, I’d go to my website, if I’m in a meeting or someone has asked me a question about my books.

Who is Visiting My Website?

Then, there’s a total of 21% referrals arriving from Facebook. Hopefully, this is an indicator that the social media strategy is working. Google is up next with searches of 11%. The remainder are spread across other sources, one that was from the Zonderwater Prisoner of War site mentioned in the first book, as my father was incarcerated there for five years during World War 2.

Additionally, there’s reporting on the website entry pages – not everyone is landing on the home/ front page. For instance, as I sometimes refer to a blog post on my @MarisaParkerAuthorHome Facebook page, people click on that link and go straight to the relevant website blog. I could go on about first-time website visit data, but I think that is enough otherwise, I will truly be showing my nerdy side!

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