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Who are You (in an Author Context)?

I’ve now concluded the process of accepting (or declining) the editor’s recommendations for book two, and it is on its way for formatting. The title and book cover design has been agreed upon and I’m delighted to officially reveal on my blog, “Ciao! WE’RE IN AFRICA”. And so, onto the process of planning a marketing campaign. The obvious promotional tools are already in place from book one “GOODBYE TO Italia”: the Marisa Parker Author website and Facebook page and, the many online options that can be overwhelming but need to be carefully considered.

Then there is the choice of printed items (normally curtailed by budget): bookmarks, business cards, a pull-up banner. Or, depending on your book genre and, as a science fiction colleague of mine has done with great success, you might even design and wear a costume at future sales events. This is where the questions come in: Who are you? What is the image or impression you want to present to the world? There’ll likely be some correlation with the look and feel of the book cover(s) but maybe not.

This second time around, it was an even harder decision, on whether to include an author image either in the book, or for other marketing promotion. Seems a bit silly when I think of it, as my website and FaceBook pages have photos of me. All the same, the reason I didn’t include this in the first book, was due to the fact, that this is my mum and dad’s life story. I am just the ghost writer. But, two years later since 2016 publication of book one, I have realised that a good story doesn’t necessarily sell itself; the author is marketer and voice (if you want) for the written word.

Connecting with an audience is crucial as they are future readers/ buyers. So, the next step in this second book publication and promotional process, is about choosing images, updating the website and FaceBook, and publishing the book. Once the book is out there, it’ll be all go!

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