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What’s Next on the Second Time Around?

So, I’ve submitted to a professional editor and expect to get feedback within about a fortnight for my 86,000 Word manuscript. Just to clarify that the review that is being undertaken is copy editing and proof and not for structural editing*.

The first time around in this process, there were not too many changes proposed which was a relief. I agreed with every change. A writer doesn’t have to accept the recommendations but as I’m paying for that expertise I seriously consider it.

Now I’m onto the next stage, i.e. registration for ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and CiP (Cataloguing-in-Publication) information for the National Library of Australia. And then my favourite-creating and choosing the book cover and blurb to go on the back.

I still feel such pride when I look at my debut publication, GOODBYE to Italia. If I had to do it all again, I'd choose the same images and design. I’ve also received 99% positive feedback from readers so, I’m going to go for a similar ‘look and feel’ for book number two. It is also a blessing that my mum has such lovely photographs from which I can choose.

Choosing/designing a book cover is such an important step. It's the face of the book and even though people say 'don't judge a book by its cover', many people will pick up a book for a further look if that design resonates with them.

Marisa Parker - Author

*Definitions provided on Ocean Reeve’s website -


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