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Welcoming in the New Year

Both sides of our family know that my husband and I aren't much into welcoming in the New Year. For us, it's just the clock ticking over and waking up to another new day, on this amazing planet, and being grateful for what we have.

But, the prospect of 2021, sounds good, even to us, so that we can close the door on the tumultuous times of 2020. The year held such promise and had a balanced ring to the words (numbers) but, wow, it sure threw a curveball. And it's not over yet, for the Northern Hemisphere and colder climes are, once again, acting as a petri dish for ‘growing’ Coronavirus. And now, we hear that mutations are starting to occur; the battle is not yet over!

Nevertheless, we all need to look forward and my husband and I are optimistic and positive people. We like to celebrate just like anyone and can enjoy a party, but it just seems that the older we get, the less enthusiastic we are about trying to keep our eyes open and our conversation bright and cheery to hear those midnight bells. Then it's a big hurrah, a kiss here and there, and it's over ... Rather, we enjoy waking up on a brand-new day, in a brand-new year—that has a different number at the end of it—and it sets an enthusiastic and upbeat tone for welcoming in the New Year, all day long!

Welcoming in the New Year
Welcoming in the New Year

For some though, 2020 wasn't a bad year, and my family, thankfully, have all survived pretty unscathed. We can reflect back on a year of enduring and staying the course. In fact, the image I've included this time around is a delightful Poinciana tree that we got from the local council two years ago (as property owners you get two free plants a year) and this was one that I chose.

At the time of selecting this plant, the council worker cautioned that this tree could take forever to cultivate out 'this way' (our area). I knew what she meant as the metre-high Poinciana that I had planted in the front garden two years before hadn't achieved much. Yet, I was stubborn enough to think that if I placed this one in a different spot, I’d be more successful. This time around, I was going to place it in a more sheltered position from that blustery westerly wind; and it was going to be somewhere so I could admire it from my kitchen window.

Well, considering it was (my) knee-high when I planted it and look at how it has grown in twenty-four months—producing, for the first time, some beautiful fire-engine red flowers—I sure am glad I persevered. Yep, that message we’ve heard on several occasions comes to mind: If at first, you don't succeed—try again and again …

That’s a bit like life isn’t it and even creative projects like writing, painting, or many other things that can challenge us. So, if 2020 found you struggling, I wish for you and yours that next year will be doubly bountiful. Here’s hoping you had an enjoyable Christmas and here's to a cheerful 2021. Welcoming in the New Year is important … however you may wish to celebrate it :)


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