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Just a month ago, our family celebrated a wedding. Our elder daughter married her partner on a beautiful, sunny day in a garden ceremony. The oval-shaped tiled courtyard in a corner of the park was surrounded by tall, leafy trees and melodious birdsong serenaded us. What was extraordinary was that the wedding had been organised in just three days after having been postponed twice ... This was a spontaneous decision between the bride and groom-to-be, but an event that was arranged joyously, if in a somewhat frenzied manner!

The only downside was that not all family and friends could be invited or attend. Of the thirty people that were invited, there were three, sadly, that could not be with us, and this was felt keenly. The photo shows a wedding online scenario (Zoom) attendees of our younger daughter, (proposed) bridesmaid—currently living in Germany, and consequently, stuck in that international community that cannot return—and the (proposed) matron-of-honour, and her husband, as they were, at the time, from the banned state of the ACT, during these COVID-times. The newlyweds made a point of chatting with their cyberspace attendees, after the ceremony, even to the point of using sign language ... And yes, that is me in the corner watching on in delight!

Weddings Online
Mr and Mrs PB and Zoom

I'm always one to be positive though and the whole wedding online movement is certainly gaining traction as desperate brides start to get creative during these COVID-times. However, having those near and dear to you for such an important event is an in-person preference—at least for me it is—and celebrations just don’t seem to be the same, if you cannot hug or clasp family members or good friends in some form of physical companionship and mutual celebration.

In thinking on this, I suppose as writers, we also have to overcome that distance, that non-physical barrier, as it is up to us to pen a narrative that shares those experiences so as to draw in our readers. In fact, not just draw in but, engage them, so that they smile or sigh, or possibly, feel a slight watering of the eyes as an emotion or scene resonates with them. So how did I do? It’s difficult when writing a short article to ensure that enough is shared so that readers can gain insight … I certainly don’t want to wax lyrical, as that can then just become ‘fluffy stuff’!

Of course, what we write about and how it is interpreted is so subjective. Who hasn’t had a discussion about a book or movie and some opposing viewpoints can result on the like-dislike spectrum? In the end, if we write an account with good or positive intent, even if just to get a message out there that needs to be heard, then, as writers, that is all we can do. For sharing experiences and celebrating momentous occasions are important. These are milestones in our life that states: here we are, look at what we’ve done or been involved in … and hopefully, we bring joy or knowledge to others with that sharing, at the same time! #onlineweddings

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