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Nothing says tradition like Christmas. It’s an event that is celebrated the world over. Even if you aren’t a believer in the holiness of this or are a ‘bah, Humbug’ type of person, it is, nevertheless, a global public holiday; in essence, it is about joy to the world and catching up with family and friends.

Of course, there are many other traditions. One of these, growing up, was a family outing to see the latest James Bond movie. As soon as a new one in the franchise hit the cinemas, my dad would book us in for Saturday night. At the time, Roger Moore was 007.


As a family, it was a great way to connect and all of us enjoyed this tradition. For me, especially, it provided some insight into a father who was not someone who we (three children) played games with, or who read us stories. My father was first and foremost a businessman. If a bit of adventure or risk could be thrown into that, all the better. He loved a challenge and proving himself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he loved all of us but we were children and, our place in the household was pretty much pigeon-holed until we grew up. Children were seen and not heard. At least, that’s how I always viewed it.

For many years, I tried to impress him or make him notice me … likely the same behaviour followed by many daughters or sons, the world over. Thankfully, by my mid-teens, my love of books and escaping into a world of my choice, meant that I found answers for many things in life. Although my father always remained important to me, the need for his approval diminished.

Of course, though, being an Italian Catholic family, I had a big wedding and was ‘given away’ by my father. I look at this photo of us on my wedding day (1987) and, it makes me smile. What a joyous moment and worth all of the stress of organising a wedding of over 200 people! Yes, I was a project manager even then …

Traditions are something that calls to all of us, in one way or another. It’s about making memories come alive, or a reinvention to suit (hopefully) a pleasurable purpose. It’s about a thread that connects the past and the present; it can connect generations just like the 007 movies, a wedding, or our Christmas celebrations.

Therefore, I hope that despite everything that is happening—with restrictions and physical distancing—you were (are) able to have an opportunity for reconnection at this time of year. Taking the time out to celebrate this tradition and to savour peace, joy, and the love of family and friends is a balm that cannot be underestimated.

To you all: I wish you the best for 2022. May we become stronger and more focused on moving forward and, of course, take some time out now and then, to have a laugh and catch up with others! Buon Anno (2022).


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