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It’s Time to Think of Music for Healing

It’s been 15 months since I published my second book (and four years since GOODBYE TO ITALIA) so, I’m absolutely delighted to be included in the Autumn issue of CWA Ruth magazine with fellow author and great friend, Jenny Old. The article entitled, From Mementos to Memoirs, is insightful and an enjoyable read; thank you to Avril Priem.

As authors, we shouldn’t ever stop promoting our books. They are a tangible product of our imagination and need us to keep believing in them and sharing the story. Finding opportunities and the energy to keep going with this can, however, be time-consuming and frustrating. But, hey, everyday life normally requires some of that same discipline … especially in such challenging times as this.

COVID-19, the coronavirus, is throwing up many fears and has seen a reality being made of those old horror movies such as, Contagion, or the same. Yet, this has on occasion, also resulted in people showing kindness and caring for others. For instance, have a look at this Alison Davies, Music in Isolation, YouTube clip

It may be an annoying ditty but, it kind of gets under those negative feelings and reiterates why we should be happy. Why not, if we aren’t sick; if we have food on the table; and, we are loved or have friends. Music is for healing and is so healthy for the mind and body.

Or what about this fabulous Couch Choir version of Close to You, one of The Carpenters’ great songs - – how much time would that have taken to coordinate? Wow! People are reaching out more than ever and using music for healing. There are even some amusing scenes with toilet rolls …

Stay safe everyone and if ever there was a time for kindness, caring, going virtual and abiding to 'social distancing' by health and safety rules, it is NOW! It doesn’t mean social isolation so, keep positive and keep in touch (online). 😊

Thanks for reading



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