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The Porto Nuova Train Station

This is the second installment of four blogs, that recounts my recent travel experiences, following in my mother’s footsteps around her home town of Torino (Turin) in Northern Italy. In these images, I am standing below an ancient sign commemorating George Stephenson, and his son, Robert Stephenson who built the first steam locomotive to carry passengers. The sign is located by the Via Nizza exit of the Porta Nuova train station. It is significant, as within the walls behind this plaque, within a 50 metre, 180-degree radius, my mum and dad's popular clothing and commodities shop was located. It is only a memory now, as in the last 60 years, a catacomb of cafes and outlets have popped up.


In the award-winning book GOODBYE TO Italia, my mum and dad worked together in the shop for three years. This is where their feelings for each other deepened. So much so that one day, my father called my mother into the store room, safe from curious eyes, and dropping to one knee, he requested her hand in marriage.

Possibly not the most romantic of places for such an occasion. Yet, this event set in motion, their journey as a married couple to Southern Africa, searching for adventures and fortune, as retold in the sequel, Ciao! WE’RE IN AFRICA. Perhaps then, a most apt environment, where one is forever saying hello and goodbye!

Marisa Parker - Author


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