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What a word romance is ... How appropriate that roman—and thereby, an Italian context—is a part of this noun. Italians love life, laughter, food, and all of those enjoyable pastimes. Romance is also a verb defined as a quality or feeling. Yes, romance for me, is a part of my make-up.

Just take a look at this old photo I found. I rode side-saddle as part of a horse parade at a racecourse, many years ago, back in Zimbabwe. Even then I enjoyed that pretty, tailored, historical look that epitomises romance.


Although, romance can, of course, be fast-paced and modern; even, messy and unstructured. That's the beauty of this term and emotion. Anyone can share in it if they want too even if it might take a bit of effort to get there.

In total, I rode in three racehorse parades all in beautiful old-fashioned gowns designed by my mum and made by the seamstresses at my parents' clothes factory. Learning to ride side-saddle was a bit challenging but necessary for that 'romance'!

Romance is also the basis of many stories that may start out as a letter or journal and then, become books, movies, documentaries ... For, the outcomes of romance are as diverse as the feelings that it engenders.

My parents' story told in my two books is based on romance (of course!) but there are many sub-themes. A strong driver was showing a different aspect to World War 2 and that my dad, despite being on the wrong side, and brought up a Fascist, went to war for family and country just like all the others on both sides.

He believed in romance too—as I think most Italians do—and, as my mother reminisces, every now and then, there is a coy smile on her face when she recalls their courtship. Ah! L'amore! May all you have an opportunity for romance in your life even if just a snippet of it ... although hopefully more. #romance

*PS. That’s my husband standing in front of me and the horse with the sunglasses on.

Thanks for reading



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