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Outgrowing Your Environment

Outgrowing an environment whether it is a relationship or a job, or other, is about growth; after all, it is in the actual word. Possibly even, it’s about realising a potential or goal of some sort. Therefore, I think it’s a positive thing, as discussed in this article, 12 Big Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Life.[1]

Further, it takes time to reach this stage and mostly, is about gaining confidence and strength. Have a look at the two photos of my lemon tree. Last weekend, we created a new frame for it. The old frame had lasted four years and was a great support. But, wow, has this ‘little fella’ grown. Every now and then, new leaves come through followed by flowers and fruiting or vice versa. Then, I can make marmalade or just slice up a lemon to add to my tonic water for end-of-day drinks—with, or without gin, depending on my mood.

But, back to outgrowing your environment. Maybe we know this is taking place but refuse to acknowledge it. Change and our resistance to this can cause stress and also make us put blinkers on. It’s not necessarily that you feel dissatisfied, bored, or even tetchy. But, if you feel like there’s something ‘more’ out there and, day in and day out, you feel like you’re just going through the motions, and this has been happening for months … maybe even years, why are you holding yourself back? It’s time to be the captain of your ship; only you can steer your course ahead; only YOU know what feels right or wrong. It may not be about changing everything; starting small can be just as effective.

Perhaps, it’s the fear of making the wrong decision that holds us back though. Hell, I know that feeling! Or, there’s a person we don’t want to hurt whether it’s in a relationship or, our work colleagues. But, is it fair to them that you cannot give as much of yourself (in a healthy context) as you should be? Or is it fair to ourselves that we just continue day in and out, unhappily …

Outgrowing Your Environment
Outgrowing Your Environment

This isn’t just about having courage; it’s about being honest with yourself and others around you. You’ve just outgrown your environment. What was then, is not what is now. It’s through no fault of your own or theirs—well, it could be a bit of both, but that’s the recipe of change—it’s just that it is no longer working the same as it did. Like a watch that is going too slow or too fast; a cake that is still squishy in the middle or rock hard on the outside. You don’t think the recipe has changed but you have: your feelings; your thoughts; your needs.

Outgrowing your environment should be a positive thing. It’s a sign to move forward. Not sit in the rut that grows deeper and deeper or for one to keep wearing those shoes where the heel has started to wear out. We all need challenges in our life, and to have a purpose. This keeps us on our toes and going through a process of self-realisation. So, if you realise you have outgrown your environment start making plans now … a New Year is just over a month away; it will be a good time to start afresh.

[1] Intentional Listening (2020), 12 Big Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Life, viewed from,


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