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Other People's Family Stories

It’s a great thing to hear other people’s family stories. Having written a book about my parents and their WW2 love story, this has led to a common bond being forged between some of my readers. It is so easy for personal historical events to get lost through the generations. I can only encourage you – don’t delay! Get pen to paper; fingers to the keyboard; voices onto a recording - whatever works for you. This is a legacy you can leave behind. Down the line, some event or someone may take it further and get the story published. But at the very least, historical experiences need to be shared so that we can celebrate the great strength and courage that ancestors have displayed.

What is particularly amazing is when a similar story is shared. I’m delighted to give evidence of this from one of my readers Anita Chant. Her family history is also linked to the Zonderwater Prisoner of War (POW) Camp in South Africa where my father was held for six years during WW2. The mind boggles when thinking about our forefathers possibly eating at the same table or undergoing similar hardships in this concentration camp. And so, I celebrate Anita’s family story and display here two photos that she has kindly allowed me to share.

The two images are of Anita’s mum and her handwritten memoirs, and Anita with the published result. The memoirs tell of the relationship with Anita’s dad that started whilst he was also a POW in Zonderwater (Sonderwater). Anita decided to get 24 copies of her mum’s memoirs printed for the family. What a great achievement.

Marisa Parker - Author


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