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Oh, What a Story!

I get to undertake Manuscript Appraisals and read some amazing life stories, as a consultant Publishing Coordinator, for Ocean Reeve Publishing. My most recent 'read' was a woman's intensely personal story as she had not one but FOUR cancer diagnoses; and yet, she determined that she would be the captain of her own ship and literally use laughter and optimism to overcome this judgement … and she has; in 2019, she has been given the all-clear after being told in 2014 that she only had six months to live!

On the personal front, it has been rather frantic, as I attended to many queries in my new role as the GCWA President and juggled these with work tasks. Although appointed by a committee, this role is voluntary … and, it is taking up more of my time than I initially anticipated. For the most part that is because of an enthusiastic 13-strong group of committee members who have many ideas and queries. Phew! Our first meeting in October was a great success and if anyone is around the Burleigh Heads area (QLD), on the afternoon of 16 November*, come and network and share in a great community of Gold Coast creatives.

My final bit of news for this month is that I was invited and will participate in the Local Author Showcase – Ipswich Libraries** on Saturday, 2 November at the Springfield Central Library, Orion Shopping Centre. Who knew when I launched my first book at BookFace, Springfield in 2016, that three years later, the choice of that location for my book launch, would add my name to the library list for future events? Have a look at the event information (link) below; and, if you’re around come and say hello. All the best for the month ahead. Arrivederci, Marisa.

Quote for this month (Maya Angelou)

“If you're always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”

* Gold Coast Writers’ Association November Meeting:

** Local Author Showcase – Ipswich Libraries:

Marisa Parker - Author

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