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My Webinar Experience

I recently created a three-part webinar series on Writing a Family Story. I enjoy meeting people in person and chatting, and don’t mind presenting as long as I’m prepared. So, I approached the preparation of my webinars with the same organised structure. I prepared my PowerPoints to reflect what I wanted to say and what I hoped would be insightful to fellow authors and provide resources for listeners.

My Webinar Experience

I was ready. I had used the online platform Zoom in my workplace so was comfortable that I had a handle on this. Of course, the technology gods thought they’d have some amusement at my expense. As I launched my first online webinar, I was fumbling about. I’d already shared my screen and pressed record. I had envisaged that personal touch of welcoming everyone in person and then switching to the PowerPoints – so I was there for all to see at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Truthfully, it didn’t turn out badly … but I do like to put my best foot (eh, image) forward. Reviewing the recording showed my frustrated state – lucky I didn’t swear! So, I decided to re-record all three webinars, and what is available on my website is the more refined version. I hope you enjoy them and wish you much success as you travel through your journey of Writing a Family Story.

Marisa Parker - Author


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