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Looking Forward

The bridge on our country road was recently overhauled. What an improvement. And, what a difference it will make should we have flooding, as happened at the beginning of this year (image on the right). At the time, there was no going across—the ‘old road’ was under that swirling mass of water—even a boat would have struggled!

So, my husband and I, along with the neighbours, have been looking forward to this project completion through government funding. Yet, despite the anticipated opening—which only happened recently—for some silly reason, I was taken aback when I saw the old road had been removed from one day to the next. I'd likely never use it again—now that we have an improved bypass—so it's a silly feeling, to be disappointed that it's no longer there ... I've even chided myself, as I realised that I need to keep looking forward and not hark back to what was!

That's like life, I suppose. There are things that we do or have that need to be changed. Then, when action is underway, if we aren't voicing our discontent, we likely are secretly in agreement with someone who speaks out even when we know that it will obviously make our lives better ... How contrary is human nature?

Looking Forward
Looking Forward

Don't get me wrong. I love a new adventure and enjoy the thrill of a new passion, but there's that warm comfort of knowing a familiar road (excuse the pun) and what to expect. Yet, the truth is that life is constantly changing, isn't it? So, it's to our detriment, that often, we let ourselves be weighed down by what is in the past when we have so much more for which we can be joyful, if we just keep looking forward.

I often wonder at my Italian parents putting everything familiar behind them and leaving to go to Southern Africa, especially when World War 2 was finally over, and Europe was being revitalised. There would have been such a sense of anticipation and return of old enjoyments to those established cities. And, in those days, they didn't have the internet or coloured TV to find out about other places … so they really were travelling into the unknown! It was risky, to say the least, but that’s why they were considered pioneers, whereas nowadays, we’re just adventurers seeking that extra excitement to get away from our humdrum lives.

It’s good to step out of our comfort zone though. To do something challenging; to get the blood racing; and agitate those endorphins to make us feel alive. I’m not inciting anyone to a riot! We shouldn’t do something that puts us or others at risk but, if we are feeling that familiar ennui that is prevalent towards the end of the year, let’s find a way to change it up so that we can keep #Looking Forward.


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