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Launching - one, two, and so on

I was so naive when I published my debut offering. I thought that a) I knew a lot of people and so, at least half of them would buy the book and b) one book launch would be enough to promote my family story. Two years later, I’ve realised and am still learning, that people may be supportive, but they won’t necessarily buy your book just because they know you.

Also, you can and should have many book launches i.e., at different locations, or as a Meet the Author event, book signings, etc. The photo shows me at my first book launch in November 2016 with Cr Wood from the Ipswich City Council and two wonderful friends from the Regio Esercito History Group in Italian Army costumes. If there is an opportunity to promote my book, I make sure I take it. Once twelve months have passed since publication, the momentum truly disappears. The media and book stores aren’t as interested anymore unless your book starts winning awards and, or, a second book is due out.

I’d forgotten as well, how time consuming everything is: the lead up to book publication, promotional planning, all the decisions to be made, not least of which, is about the financial implications. Assisted independently published is the route I am going again. Yes, there is still a part of me that would love to be taken up by a traditional publisher. However, ‘time is a passing’, and it is important to me that my mum sees the final product. By choosing this route again means that I get to choose the cover, determine the sales price, and dictate the myriad of other things that are all part of this process.

Marisa Parker - Author


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