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How to get attention (for your book)

It’s been two years since publication, and “GOODBYE TO Italia” has just won its third award*; I am absolutely delighted! So as to capitalise on this, I’ve been working out how to announce it through social media and other promotional tools. I want readers to know that my family’s story is a good read, and it is not just me who is saying it is so.

Globally, thousands of books are published daily. Once out there, the stories we have created and so carefully protected, become part of a maelstrom of books in diverse genres. Whom else but the author can champion their story, even if it means stepping out of their private writing world and facing up to an audience who can be supportive, or sadly, rather horrid.

Apart from the constant merry-go-round of social media, applying for awards is a great way to get visibility for your book. However, there are pitfalls associated with this. Googling the award name and looking at the book winners in the same genre as your book, are an indication of whether to pay the fee to enter.

When I decided to write my family’s story, I did so as a legacy for my kinfolk. It all started with my mother reminiscing and me jotting down her experiences. That was in 2012, and after four years of writing, I realised I wanted it to be more than that. Gosh how far my book and I have travelled. Winning this global award is so timely, as the sequel, “Ciao! WE’RE IN AFRICA” is due to be published by mid-October. Talk about timing! *2018 Readers Favorite (USA) Bronze Award in the Non-Fiction Biography category (annual award) - The first two awards were an indieB.R.A.G. medallion and the Readers Favorite 5-star from 5-reviewrs award.

Marisa Parker - Author


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