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For the Love of …

I like cuddling up with a purring cat on my knee when the days turn cooler. But, if one wants unconditional love, you don’t have to go further than a dog. They are the most loyal of beings and are amazing for security purposes too; they are also, fiercely loyal to each other, such as our two dogs (a male and a female) that I photographed this morning.

And so, it’s goodbye to the month of love—February—which this year ended on the 29th. Arrivederci too, to the hype that abounds since Julius Caesar introduced, 2,000 years ago, the ‘Leap Day’ to balance the calendar and, as folklore goes, the traditional roles of men and women.

For the Love of …

Love and romance are no longer just a ‘women’ thing. Romance and thrillers (which also include those romantic themes of passion and adventure) are by far the most popular book genres.* Who doesn’t want to be a hero in some way … saving the day, looking good in the process and, if a relationship evolves that makes you feel special, even better!

To the writers out there: Don’t forget to include that excitement in the story that comes from a possible romance or adventure, regardless of whether it has potential or not. A romantic theme is so diverse nowadays that it can easily be included in many a manuscript** and likely means you can attract a larger audience of readers.

And to all the rest: Keep celebrating LOVE … We don’t need a month of love to prompt us—although it is a good reminder. Rather keep on at it: Love for self; love for each other and love of life, is as essential as breathing.

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