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Don’t Wait for a Bus at the Train Station

I recently chatted with an author—a single mum—who was in tears. For the last three months she kept postponing her manuscript deadline. Finally, it was revealed that it’s due to work that has ramped up and the rest of her time, understandably, is running around after her pre-teen son; the usual homework and sports training that is never-ending. The result? Her writing is pushed out to a very far third.

My advice? Schedule three hours a week just for writing: include it in the week’s timetable and adhere to it just like other tasks. Because, this is about creative expression and setting and achieving goals. Our mental health is involved here; and, we must take steps to protect that before a tipping point is reached.

It’s also about looking at things from a different perspective and hence, the title that you shouldn’t … wait for a bus at the train station; don’t try and fit a square peg in a round hole, etc. Sometimes we make things so much harder for ourselves when actually … the simplest thing is the way to go.

Don’t Wait for a Bus at the Train Station

And that brings us to one of the ‘fussiest, busiest and noisiest’ times of year; the Festive Season! Whether you like or dislike Christmas, you’ve got to agree this makes people change, hopefully, in a good way, if they buy into the Christmas cheer.

Well, I’m one of the mushy ones* and think that it’s time for sharing and enjoyment. Look after yourselves and others in the lead up to Christmas and make sure you set some time aside for YOU and your goals. Ciao and Buon Natale – Happy Christmas 😊

*Christmas Book Special at I’ve reduced the price of my two award-winning books. They’re individually available for A$20 or both for A$35 plus postage, if purchased from my website, before 21 December 2019.

Marisa Parker - Author


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