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Comparing the Second Time with the First

I’m referring to the “here I go again feeling” as I start the roller coaster ride of independently (indie) publishing my second book.

Do I know more this time around? Yes. Does that knowledge make it easier? No. Am I as nervous? Yes - probably more so. Am I doing things differently? In some ways, yes. Is everyone confused? Sorry!

It’s been another emotional journey, travelling with my mum as she retells her experiences, this time of married life in Africa in the fifties - the sequel to the family story, "GOODBYE to Italia" that was published in September 2016. You'd think I'd have it down pat but I’m suddenly running out of time now that I have set a deadline to submit to a professional editor. It’s so close that the blurry horizon is clearing as defined images or tasks that I have to complete grow ever closer.

I cannot delay as I’m part of the Regio Esercito Italian History group display at the Fest’Italia scheduled for Sunday, 14 October in Brisbane. That group has been lovely and were involved at the first book launch. The Italian army uniforms that Craig and Alex are wearing in the photograph is the same era as the uniform my father would have worn when he fought in World War II. But back to the second time around - once I’ve submitted to an editor, then I must decide on the book cover, what photos should be included to accompany the story and finalising the book blurb for the back page. Oh, and working out what testimonials I should include from the award-winning first book!

Phew! Try saying that in one breath. Of course, once the book is published, then the marketing process commences. Maximum impact is achieved within the first six months after a book is released but in reality, it never stops. So, here we go again ....

Marisa Parker - Author


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