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Changing Seasons

September is changing seasons month. For us, in the Southern Hemisphere, taking off those long-sleeved layers is a welcome reprieve. Metaphorically speaking though the changing season means, hopefully, that our COVID situation should start to ease. The chemical make-up of this pandemic seems to enjoy cooler climes so, as we de-escalate (although it will never be gone), our northern counterparts will, instead, be ramping up … but, hopefully, this time around they will be better equipped to face this ongoing scourge.

Changing seasons, for me, and others that I’ve chatted with, can also prompt mood variations. Here, with warmer days ahead, and more outdoor activities, I certainly will have a sunnier disposition ─excuse the pun─as the last month seems to have been one with a lingering coolness that I have been wishing away. The promise of warm balmy days ahead have a magic of their own that I am now longing for; in my mind's eye, I can already envision the buzzing bees, blue skies, spring flower fragrances, and even those primal wet tarmac smells of life-giving rain on a hot road …

Changing Seasons
Changing Seasons

In a way, it can be termed as a fresh start (again), as we go through the annual climate cycle. All those leafy green buds, on bare tree branches; the purple florescence on stalky finger lengths of Jacaranda trees; the twittery squeaks of baby birds as they scamper after disinterested parents; the increasing crescendo of cricket chirps, toad croaks, and green frog squeaks … the list goes on.

For me, it's also time for some new resolutions. I'm not really a New Year's declaration type of 'gal'. For me, it's the changing season into springtime that sees me pondering on what's ahead and the 'more' that can be done with the longer days ahead. My eyelids tend to spring open as the sun crests the horizon closer to 5 am and I start thinking of my checklist. Not that I'm a bright and cheery person in the morning─I'm hardly ever that─yet, I am rather purposeful in my waking and getting up mode.

So, now that we've welcomed the changing season, I hope that you too will enjoy beautiful Mother Nature. Even in her extremes, and for us that will be our stormy and fire seasons ahead, she will continue to bedazzle in all of her extraordinariness. The image above, this month, is of me with a backdrop of fallen leaves and a bubbling brook (in Australia, it's known as a creek). I thought it was most appropriate and could be a photograph of a changing season no matter which hemisphere you live in.


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