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Another Record

Just another record was broken this past month with Jeff Bezos’ rocket company taking ‘normal’ humans to space. By normal, I mean those people who have not undergone intensive training in a NASA-like environment for many years with a few educational degrees under their belt.

Of course, the money factor comes into play here but what is exciting is that another record and another keeps getting broken. I feel that should be taken as a positive step and bolster our dreams and hopes so that we remember to dream BIG; let’s reach for the stars. I’m certain that William Shatner thought that the Star Trek studio in Hollywood would be the closest he would ever get to an outer world experience!

I look at this photo taken when my mum and dad had to cross a river in Southern Rhodesia, Africa, in the 1950s and think how extraordinary it all was; and how far we have come. That certainly was describing ‘manpower’ in the very literal sense as vehicles were pulled across a river to get to the other side. Very different to the jet-fuelled power that is propelling Bezos’ spaceships!

Of course, when we talk about ‘another’ record getting broken, that can also have negative connotations. COVID cases continue to fluctuate in the most contained environments … who thought we would still be in a similar situation this time last year?

Another record
Another record

Basically, it has never been truer that we need to live for the moment and keep both hands at the ready to grab at opportunities that come our way. Take an opportunity to spend time with your kids … they grow up so fast as it is. Or do not delay in having that dinner catch-up with old friends … our close neighbourhood community was shocked, just a few months back, by the unexpected death of a neighbour in his late fifties.

I feel though that we should all create a personal list titled, Another Record. Why not? Each day should allow for a celebration of this. It’s far too easy to beat ourselves up about what has gone wrong or what did not get done. Those ‘downer’ statements rattle our cage (literally and figuratively).

We need to start giving voice or turning up the volume for the little achievements; acknowledging those everyday accomplishments no matter how big or small. Make space amongst those fridge magnets and give ourselves gold stars. Inside of each of us, that small child is still lurking; they will likely do a little dance each time we add another star to celebrate a small achievement.

I hope for next month that you will celebrate YOU, and all the positive things that happen, on a daily basis.


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