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An Extraordinary Month of July

Firstly, it was fabulous that GOODBYE TO Italia was listed as part of the Moving Memoirs LibraryBub Monthly Selection* in an NBC (American) press release. It’s always a thrill for an author to see their book promoted by someone else – and this author isn’t any different! All that hard work is paying off … and promotion is a continuous evolution.

Then, it was great to be part of the Ocean Reeve Publishing (ORP) team that travelled to Sydney for the SHINE Business Women and ORP, How to Write & Publish a Book Workshop**. It’s lovely to meet new people who want to find out more about bringing their book to life; and, knowing that the superhero team are here to support those people and empower them so they can realise their literary dream.

It was interesting to hear feedback from the audience on how much the traditional publishing industry is changing; gone are the days of large publishing contracts … only a few thousand in advance is being offered now and, if they don’t sell the requisite amount of books to reach that figure in a certain amount of time, then you have to pay it back!

Furthermore, in-person support from the big companies to help with your marketing has gone from a couple of months to no more than a fortnight. What hasn’t changed is how much of your royalties they keep for publishing your book once you’ve signed that contract. Assisted independent publishing is truly the way to go as long as you do your research and ensure the company you choose is ‘legit’.

The photo is dual-themed. It’s a snapshot of the beginning of the Moving Memoir press release; and, the image is of me with Kristy, a fellow team member and ORP lead editor—and my roommate for the weekend—just before we headed into the workshop on a cool Sydney morning (Harbour Bridge just peeking through in the background).

Marisa Parker - Author

*Moving Memoirs -

**How to Write & Publish a Book Workshop -


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