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A Month of Highs and Lows

It's been a month of highs and lows. My husband and I live in the gorgeous Scenic Rim area in South East Queensland, Australia. It has beautiful forests and sadly, was one of the worst hit areas with the recent bushfires. We were lucky. The driving wind changed course not far from us and those hungry, crackling flames went on their merry (and devastating) way. We haven't as yet, had sufficient recent rain this season and yet, in the bleakness of a drought there is still a persevering determination (nature, animals and humans) of which to write about.

Surviving fires and drought is of course, something positive. However, I'll concentrate on a man-made outcome for 'my high'; and that is my appointment as the new President of the Gold Coast Writers Association (GCWA)* - refer attached photo of the new Committee (minus three absentees). Meeting on the third Saturday of each month this group of creatives—that fluctuates between 20-40 per meeting that seems to be dependent on the speakers and genre of the day—always provides great opportunities to chat with other writers and hopefully, offer a community environment for like-minded people.

As writers, who in general, prefer to hide away and keep their own company—in writing or reading—it's important to have some personal contact with the outside world. Otherwise, and perhaps this is specific to me (?), people can become insular and lose sight of what makes the world go around.Here's wishing you all a productive month ahead as the countdown to Christmas begins!

Arrivederci Marisa :)*Gold Coast Writers’ Association -

Marisa Parker - Author


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