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A Canberra Wedding

Wow another wedding in 2018 to which my family was invited. Although not blood family, Danielle is like a daughter to my husband and I and like a sister to our two girls. So, we welcomed her new husband Josh with effusive delight. Held in Canberra, we had high expectations for the wedding and it didn’t disappoint. This type of celebration provides interesting insight into the couple’s personality and their preferences - well, it is their big day after all! We watched enthralled as haunting music announced the only bridesmaid (our lovely daughter Roxanne) who lead the way, as a glowing bride and her father followed, and made their way up the steps of a suburban restaurant. And there on a sheltered pedestrian pathway, the celebrant voiced the binding words that committed this couple to share their love and announce to the world they were now husband and wife. Then onto the wine bar with its bohemian style nooks and crannies that welcomed cosy groupings and echoed happy laughter. What a joyous occasion! A lovely way to reaffirm life and bear witness to love. And thank heavens that the wedding was held on Saturday. In true Canberran style, we were sent home the next day with a ten degree drop in temperature and drizzly rain. Despite the external influences, there was no dousing the warm feelings that we carried inside our hearts and minds.

Marisa Parker - Author


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