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A Family Wedding

A joyous occasion

So much emotion

Laughter and tears

Of joy, that encompasses

A Family Wedding.

The catalyst for bringing family and friends together for joyous family nuptials has been the first grandchild of the Piergiovanni-Flaschner unit, the older son of my elder sister. Having journeyed from Australia to South Africa to attend, my elder daughter and I absorbed the unique wedding scene of the couple, Dominic and Ashlin. It resembled an open-air cooking pot merrily bubbling away with heaped servings of Italian, French and Afrikaans flavourings that emitted flavoursome and enticing aromas.

The major ingredients however, the foundations upon which this event took place could not but be an African setting. The brief but formal marriage service was held in front of a small group of towering blue gums providing a cooling breeze, and an effective shield from the heat of the late afternoon sun.

The lovely couple, Dominic and Ashlin, and a flower posy

A majestic golden harp sat to one side. It was an incongruous sight that nevertheless produced spiritual and melodic chords when plucked by the skilful fingers of the harpist. Wooden benches provided welcome seating and were bookended by thin metallic stakes crowned with small silver recycled tins filled with pretty yellow and white flowers. In front of us, differing lengths of tree branches had been placed and bound together to form a simple but effective rustic bower under which the heartfelt service was held.

There were many more artistic and unique touches that added a whimsical and unfettered beauty celebrating the love between two people - my nephew and his beautiful bride. Stylishly kitted out in a black suit and bowtie and a romantic wedding dress they were a magical couple. If I were to go on explaining more of the unusual touches, a long list of nouns and descriptions would result. To do so would lessen the magic of this memory. So instead, I will end here and say what a spiritual and magical occasion this was, that will stay in the hearts of those that were privileged to attend.

Marisa Parker - Author


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