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Timelines for Mariolina


1940: First bomb in Torino, Northern Italy (as a 6-year-old)

1943: Contracts Typhoid Fever (as a 9-year-old)

1945: Armistice in Northern Italy (as an 11-year old)

1948: Commences part-time work (as a 14-year-old) with Eugenio

Timelines for Eugenio

Mid-1939: Joins the army (a few months before his 18th birthday)

End-1939 to mid-1941: Fighting in North Africa

1941: Captured in Agedabia, North Africa (as a 19-year-old)

1941 to 1942: POW in Egypt – Camp 310 Gineifa (turns 20 years)

September to November 1942: POW in Pietermaritzburg – Cage 4, La Gabbia (turns 21 years)

1942 to 1946: POW in Zonderwater, South Africa


1947: Freed and returns home to Italy (as a 26-year-old)

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