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Another Day

How lucky am I to live in Australia, as I can honestly say that the words, another day, are invariably followed by, in Paradise. Living in Queensland, just thirty minutes’ drive from the ocean, adds to this sentiment (undeniably) but, is only a part of it.

As another day commences, I know that I have a loving family; supportive friends; am healthy (most of the time); freedom of speech; well-stocked shelves in the supermarket; have a job(s) that provides me with sufficient money to accommodate my fairly modest way of living, working, and holidaying. Truly, another day in Paradise.

I’m not boasting here; instead, I want to reiterate how grateful I am for all this bounty. I look forward to another day.

Of course, it’s also about attitude and I am a ‘glass half-full’ person. It’s a trait that I have had to nurture as I have found that the seduction of negativity can be scarily enticing. ‘You’ve just been lucky’ has been a comment told to me. Uhm, well, I’ve made my own luck sure but, I’ve pursued that instead of thinking of some entitlement or that I am not worthy enough of having good times. And one of my mantras, as another day unfolds, is to find things or mix with people that not only make me smile but laugh out loud.

Another Day
Another Day

Sometimes, it’s just one LOL, but it has to come from the belly … and then, that flickering of wellbeing is lit and, it’s another day in Paradise. Exercising, I find, has that same effect even if it is just a strong walk around the block. This gets your heart pumping, and those shadows are well and truly stomped on for at least a little while.

I think back to all of the hurdles my Italian parents faced when they migrated to Southern Africa in the mid-fifties … they could easily have said this is just too hard or harked on about an easier lifestyle that waited for them back in Italy. But the adage, ‘no pain no gain’, is true for most things. When Mamma talks about those times, a smile creases her face, and her eyes take on a dream-like quality … it feels good to be the one that engenders that happiness for her.

I appreciate that, as we continue to go through challenging times with COVID still upsetting the norm, it may be a bit harder to pursue another day in Paradise. Realistically though, once we put matters in perspective, we can find many things to be grateful for even if we have to scratch the surface a bit. Here’s to you finding another day in Paradise! Arrivederci 😊


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